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Holiday rentals & lettings in Russia

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Holiday Rentals and Lettings in Russia

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Highlights in Russia

  • Great monumental, artistic and cultural richness
  • unique landscapes
  • Knowing Moscow's secrets
  • Sailing St. Petersburg canals
  • Touring Russia on the Trans-Siberian Sea

Prices and availability

Holiday lettings prices Russia

A$173for 20 Aug - 27 Aug
A$224 annual average
Average price per week

Holiday lettings availability Russia

< 1%for 20 Aug - 27 Aug
0% annual average
Percentage of available rentals

Holiday rentals in Russia

Coquettish rentals with all the comforts

Would you like to book a letting in Russia to spend Russian next holidays enjoying all its charms? On Holidu we offer you the possibility of choosing to find a great variety of cheap rentals in Russia distributed by the main cities of the country, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ero also in other more rural regions. In this way, you will be able to enjoy both urban life and nature in all its splendour. All our accommodations have all the necessary comforts for you to enjoy a comfortable stay. Equipped with electrical appliances, air conditioning systems and Internet. And many of them with terrace, garden, swimming pool and parking.

Rural houses surrounded by nature

If you want to spend your holidays enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the country and stay in a quiet environment where you can rest, the best option is to book a rural house, either on the outskirts of a big city or in a charming village. This type of accommodation allows the traveller to enjoy beautiful outdoors, with garden or terrace, so they are ideal for families with children or groups of friends who want to spend time outdoors. In addition, you will be able to establish other search criteria so that your holiday rental in Russia fits your needs perfectly, such as jacuzzi, sauna, fireplace, children's playground, etc.

Holidays in Russia

The area and how to find your way around

Between Asia and Europe, the largest country in the world

Situated between Asia and Europe, Russia is the largest country in surface area in the world, occupying the ninth part of the mainland of the planet. Bordering Norway, {Finland}{29615}}, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, {Poland}{5122}}, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and North Korea; and sharing maritime border with the United States and Japan. It covers the whole of North Asia and 40% of the land in Europe, especially the eastern part, making it a transcontinental country. As a result, it has a wide variety of natural environments and reliefs, and is currently the world's largest untapped reservoir of energy and mineral resources. It also has the world's largest reserve of forest resources and a quarter of the world's unfrozen freshwater. So, if you decide to book a holiday rental in Russia, you can enjoy both the beauty of its cities and its landscapes.

A country with a multitude of subdivisions, with large urban areas

The Russian Federation has a large number of different subdivisions. There are 22 republics and 85 constituent components within the country, which enjoy a high degree of autonomy in most internal matters. The remaining territory consists of 9 Krais, 46 provinces, 4 autonomous districts and one autonomous oblast. In addition, there are 3 federal cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol. It has a population of 148,689,000 million inhabitants, 73% of whom live in urban areas. There are 329 cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, 166 with more than 100,000 inhabitants, 75 with more than half a million and 13 cities with more than 1 million. Do you already know in which city you prefer to rent your holiday rental in Russia?

Types of travellers and activities

Russia for lovers of history, art and culture

Russia has an impressive artistic and monumental wealth, making it an ideal destination for all those who want to immerse themselves in a different culture. The point is, even if you spent a lifetime in Russia, I wouldn't give you time to visit all of its heritage. Therefore, we make some of the most important recommendations: St. Petersburg Peterhof Palace, St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Alexander's Column in St. Petersburg, the Monument to the Motherland in Volgograd. In addition to the Hermitage, St. Petersburg History Museum, Moscow Kremlin Museum, Tretyakov State Gallery and the Russian Museum.

Russia for nature lovers

Russia is a real paradise for those who enjoy discovering unique landscapes. Its extension and variety of climates makes the country has very different landscapes, ranging from dense forests to the most inhospitable landscapes of Siberia. Some of the most beautiful are the Poles of the Republic of Komi, the Golden Mountains of Altai, Elbrus (the highest peak in Europe), Lake Baikal, the Valley of Geysers, the Sikhote-Alin mountain range and the rock formations of Man-Pupu-Nior. Don't forget to take your camera with you!

Did you know that Russia has the deepest lake in the world? This is Lake Baikal, which in addition to having a depth of 1,500 meters, is the largest freshwater reservoir on the planet.

Top 4 Recommendations in Russia

1. Discover all the secrets of Moscow

Moscow was the centre of a superpower surrounded by secrets and today an important business centre that attracts travellers from all over the world. If you decide to spend a few days there, don't miss the Lenin Mausoleum, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Bunker 42, Cosmonautical Museum, Ostankino Palace, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Vodka Museum and Bolshoi Theatre.

2. Fall in love with the beauty of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Full of museums, palaces and monuments. One of the best ways to get to know it is by taking a boat ride along the city's canals. In addition, don't miss a visit to the Peterhof Palace, the Summer Garden and the Russian Museum.

3. Travelling in the mythical Transiberaino from beginning to end

The Trans-Siberian is a train that travels a distance of 9,259 km between Moscow and Vladivostok in 7 days and allows you to travel through Mongolia and China. It is one of the most used transports by both Russians and tourists, as it offers the possibility of making a fascinating journey and discovering many of the monumental and natural charms of the country.

4. Try the Stroganoff and the and empanadas Pirozhki and Pirogi

Russian cuisine is very rich, varied and forceful, very similar to that of the Slavic countries. In the country you will find a multitude of establishments ranging from the cheapest bars to the luxury restaurants that only a few can afford. Soups and fish occupy a fundamental place in Russian cuisine, but if there is one thing you should not miss is the delicious Stroganoff, made with veal and cream, and the empanadillas Pirozhki and Pirogi. The caviar, which is used in multiple preparations, deserves a special mention. But remember that red is cheaper than black.

FAQs: Holiday Rentals & Lettings in Russia

On average, what was the cost for holiday rentals in Russia in 2020, during coronavirus pandemic?

Based on its annual average price of A$210.62, Russia is not a country that stands out as being the most expensive or the cheapest in Asia.

What time of year offers, on average, the best holiday rental prices in Russia?

If you would like to save as much as possible during your visit to Russia, you should travel in November (A$108.71 per night on average), December (A$120.16), or October (A$148.44) to find the lowest prices for the whole year.

When does the price of holiday rentals in Russia go up the most?

When it comes to looking for a holiday letting in Russia, the months when it is most expensive are, in descending order, July, June and August with average prices per night of A$355.8, A$316.9, and A$313.78, respectively.

Are there usually many holiday lettings available in Russia?

Here, last-minute travellers are welcome, since the average availability in Russia is 71%, which is above the average for this country, according to data from 2020.

Which months offer the highest availability?

The best months to find available accommodation in Russia are July (the average amount of properties that are free reached 88.5% of the total in 2020), November (87.75%), and September (87.5%).

When are fewer lettings available?

According to data from 2020, the months when it is most difficult to find accommodation in Russia are, in order, January (with 50% of available rentals), February (51.5%), and April (52.5%).

How many rentals are available in Russia?

In Russia we offer you a comprehensive catalogue of around 68000 properties, with options of all kinds, thanks to our 11 local and international partners.

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